Reinventing Vintage Furniture

In my line of business, I often finds bits and parts of furniture that have been neglected, lost or flat out abused.  Today I worked toward some marriages. 

About five years ago I found the marble splash back from a large washstand or small buffet at an auction when a local antique store went out of business.  Great piece, but that’s all it was until today.  It is a chunky splash surrounded by a solid hardwood frame with two gently curved brackets coming forward on the far ends.  At my last flea market another dealer brought a large chunky dresser, which had been painted white, and had had the venere ripped off the top leaving lots of crumbling glue residue. Yuck.   OK, now you have met the bride and groom, for they are a perfect match.  Both are chunky, with slight curves.  The visual weight of each is a good match, and a measuring tape was all that was needed to prove they are really right for each other.  When they are joined, they will be painted with a black oil base semigloss paint which will compliment the gray, burnt umber and white marble, I can’t wait.  My husband cut and attached a smooth new top to cover the glue mess on the dresser.  The marriage may take place as soon as tomorrow.  The resulting piece could be used as a buffet, a dresser or an entry table, and it is bound to impress all who see it.

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